Eid Recipes

Eid is a time of family and love, and where there is family
there is good food. That famous quote comes to mind
“A family who eats together, stays together”

Check out this collection of recipes on Halaal Recipes for Eid.
The recipes are very neatly categorized by cakes, desserts, breakfast, lunch and  much more.
Halaal Recipes Eid Recipes Collection

Halaal Recipes Android App Launched

Having gotten some free time at work, i took the opportunity to get my personal project halaal recipes on the app market. In order to write as little code as possible , i created an android app with native title bar and menu which house a webview of a more optimized version of the website.
I used a layout that houses a bottom bar containing ad mob adds in order to monetize the app.

You can download this awesome app fro free :
Halaal Recipes Android App

Halaal Recipe App Icon