Obtaining a firearm license in South Africa

I am going through the processes , of obtaining a firearm , and hope this info helps someone who is traveling down the same path.

  1. Go to a firearm training academy (Most Gun Shops)  , to do a course where you will be required to study , then write a test and shoot a firearm. On successful completion you will be issued an official certificate.  Cost +/- R1500
  2. Competency Submission > Once you got the certificate , fill this form : https://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/forms/english/e517.pdf
    Attach : 2 id copies , proof of residence , proof of employment , 2 color passport size photos and the above certificate and take it to a police station that has a firearms office.  ( in the form you require 3 reference , only 1 can be a family member). The Cost is R70 . Takes +/-  3 months , there is a number you can call to check up on your ref# number , do this weekly to insure your application not lost. ( 012 353 6111 )
    More info : https://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/faq_applying.php
  3. Once you receive your competency , you can go to a gun shop and purchase a gun. They will keep your gun in their safe , and you will need to apply for a firearm license (R140). They will give you a form to fill in , and you will need to provide a motivation letter etc , which you will submit to a police station again , and the waiting game starts again. Once approved, you may pick up your gun. I will provide more info on this final step , once my competency is approved ….

There are guys out there that can help you with sorting out your paperwork, but don’t be in a hurry and be mislead in to thinking you can get it overnight.

Stay Safe and be responsible..


R10 000 PC Build July 2017 – Red Build

If you got R10 000 to spend on a gaming pc and looking for something that does not look cheap , here is my parts list.

Gaming Case : NZXT S340 Red Case

500W Antec Power Supply

Ryzen 1400 / Red Motherboard / 8GB Ram

1tb Hard Drive

Graphics Card 1050ti 4GB

Alternative card if no stock



VPS tips for South African sites

We are spoil for choice when it comes to choosing our hosting stack.
The advantage of a VPS is complete control of your software with the disadvantage that its all your responsibility. Being used to the comforts of shared hosting for so long, I was not keen on getting my own server, the taught of managing was daunting if something had to go pear shaped.

I came across http://serverpilot.io , which takes the burden of managing your server. They have a free plan which does everything I need. I have been running my VPS for about a year now with no hiccups.

My VPS is from http://domains.co.za   . I found they pricing and service great and server pilot works with their visualization software and most importantly its hosted in South Africa.

Here a link on how to setup free ssl for your sites

If you are using PHP , laravel framework , serverpilot does the same thing as laravel forge .

and the last tip , you could use Amazaon s3 free tier to setup backups of your server. Googling it will bring you to some tutorials.