Obtaining a firearm license in South Africa

I am going through the processes , of obtaining a firearm , and hope this info helps someone who is traveling down the same path.

  1. Go to a firearm training academy (Most Gun Shops)  , to do a course where you will be required to study , then write a test and shoot a firearm. On successful completion you will be issued an official certificate.  Cost +/- R1500
  2. Competency Submission > Once you got the certificate , fill this form : https://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/forms/english/e517.pdf
    Attach : 2 id copies , proof of residence , proof of employment , 2 color passport size photos and the above certificate and take it to a police station that has a firearms office.  ( in the form you require 3 reference , only 1 can be a family member). The Cost is R70 . Takes +/-  3 months , there is a number you can call to check up on your ref# number , do this weekly to insure your application not lost. ( 012 353 6111 )
    More info : https://www.saps.gov.za/services/flash/firearms/faq_applying.php
  3. Once you receive your competency , you can go to a gun shop and purchase a gun. They will keep your gun in their safe , and you will need to apply for a firearm license (R140). They will give you a form to fill in , and you will need to provide a motivation letter etc , which you will submit to a police station again , and the waiting game starts again. Once approved, you may pick up your gun. I will provide more info on this final step , once my competency is approved ….

There are guys out there that can help you with sorting out your paperwork, but don’t be in a hurry and be mislead in to thinking you can get it overnight.

Stay Safe and be responsible..


R10 000 PC Build July 2017 – Red Build

If you got R10 000 to spend on a gaming pc and looking for something that does not look cheap , here is my parts list.

Gaming Case : NZXT S340 Red Case

500W Antec Power Supply

Ryzen 1400 / Red Motherboard / 8GB Ram

1tb Hard Drive

Graphics Card 1050ti 4GB

Alternative card if no stock